True Red

True Red

True Red

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DESCRIPTION: True Red (Water-soluble colourant) natural red colourant that is globally approved in food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics with GRAS status. It is a deep coloured red with carminic acid as its active agent (derived from cochineal insects). It is the most abundant colour used in lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows, etc for its red colour.


  • Water-soluble – best used in water-based formulations over oils for better stability
  • Natural
  • Non-vegan
  • Hi-tint/Intense red shade

APPLICATIONS: Creams, lotions, gels, serums, body scrubs, crème cleansers, lipsticks, lip tint, etc, for coloured formulations.

INCI: Carmine, Aqua, Glycerine

Solubility: Water

Use rate: Quantity sufficient.

pH Stability: 3.5 – 9.0

Light Stability: Excellent

Temperature Stability: Avoid heat above 60°C

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