Retinyl acetate Oil ( Vitamin A)

Retinyl acetate Oil ( Vitamin A)

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Retinyl Acetate is one of the key forms of Vitamin A widely used in skin care. It is known to promote collagen synthesis, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. It is also used to clear pores and remove the oil that can lead to skin blemishes.


1. The molecules are quite small and have the ability to penetrate the outer layers of the skin and work to repair the lower part of the Epidemis and Dermis.

2. It helps in skin exfoliation and rapid cell turnover. Therefore is a key component in treatment of hyper pigmentation and aging symptoms.

3. It stimulates cell growth, increases enzyme activity and normalizes cell division. It counteracts the skin-aging process and improves the appearance of UV-damaged skin.

Vitamin A in Retinyl Acetate form is widely used in cosmetics. It is used due to its anti-oxidant and anti-aging efficacy. Its stability is the hallmark of Retinyl Acetate.

Retinyl Acetate has the strength of being more stable than other types of Vitamin A, such as Retinyl palmitate and Retinal but has slightly lower efficiency.

Storage: Can be stored in the refrigerator Close the bottle tightly. And sealed from light or heat.

INCI Name : A. Retinyl Acetate

Appearance: viscous-yellow oil.

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