Raspberry Ketone Glucoside

Raspberry Ketone Glucoside

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Product Type : Raspberry ketone glucoside

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Raspberry Ketone was extracted from raspberry fruit. Raspberry
Ketone Glucoside was synthesized by raspberry ketone and glucose,
extracted from corn. Raspberry Ketone Glucoside (RKG) is an excellent anti-aging, whitening and brightening skin ingredient. It effectively inhibits the formation of melanin, active oxygen and lipid peroxide.

Tyrosinase is the catalyst responsible for the production of melanin in melanocytes. RKG is able to inhibit Tyrosinase from kickstarting the melanogenesis process. It also works as a scavenger of reactive oxidative species, and is especially good at scavenging nitric oxide, which is known to make the skin rough, induce pigmentation and make the skin age prematurely. RKG also prevents UV-induced pigmentation and promotes the exception of melanin. It gives skin lightening and whitening properties in a short period of time.

RKG is stable in water and emulsions and does not cause skin irritation. It has a synergistic action with Vitamin E and Alpha Bisabolol.

• Skin Brightening & Lightening
• Anti-Inflammation
• Anti-Oxidant
• Anti-Aging
• Promotes Skin Proliferation

INCI: Raspberry Ketone Glucoside
SOLUBILITY: Water and other organic solvents @ <40°C
USE RATE: 1-3%
Me: 326.33
APPLICATION: It is recommended for skin care, sun care, skin whitening/lightening, and age spot reducing products.
STORAGE: Keep sealed and in a dark place

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