Olive Sensilk

Olive Sensilk

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DESCRIPTION: Olive Sensilk is a natural ester of olive oil with a silky emollient feeling on the skin. It is a natural alternative to dimethicones like Polydimethylsiloxane. It inhibits trans-epidermal moisture loss, making the skin more lubricated.

Olive Sensilk’s composition is similar to fatty acids present on the surface of the skin, making it more than a mere emollient ester, but one with bioavailability. It is a stable emollient and contains protein, minerals and vitamins with excellent antioxidant values. Olive Sensilk contains high unsaponifiable, which are known to not only soften the skin but impart a superior moisturizing effect on the upper layers of the skin and they can reduce scars. Olive Sensilk is quite compatible with children’s skin.

Olive Sensilk enhances the spread of creams and lotions and delivers a non-greasy after-feel. It conditions the skin making it supple and soft. It strengthens the skin’s barrier function. In haircare, it softens and reduces


  • Emollient, moisturizer
  • Superfatting
  • Shine-enhancing
  • Nourishing
  • Occlusive
  • Hydrating – prevents water from escaping the skin
  • Easily biodegradable

APPLICATIONS: Serum oils, body oils, creams, lotions, conditioners, baby creams, body butter, etc.


INCI: Ethylyhexyl Olivate, Eicosapentaenoic acid

Solubility: Oils

Use rate: 1.0 – 15% (up to 100%)

Temperature Sensitivity: ≤80°C

Appearance: Clear, yellowish liquid.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

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