Lithospermum Erythrorhizon extract oil

Lithospermum Erythrorhizon extract oil

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DESCRIPTION: Lithospermum root extract is a highly potent skin active used in the skin care industry. It has a wide range of abilities and is therefore essential for skin maintenance and healing


1. It contains allantoin which helps encourage skin cell regeneration. It can act in the treatment of wounds by also stimulation of blood circulation and clearing heat and removing toxicity from damaged tissue

2. Due to its high shikonin content it acts as a potent anti inflammatory and skin Lightening agent. It can also be used to treat acne and other skin conditions

3. Lithospermum root extract can be added to lotions because it guards against dryness and helps prevent wrinkles because it stimulate skin cell regeneration.

4. Lithospermum erythrorhizon root extract protects against glycation and related inflammatory and oxidative stress while offering UV absorption capability. 

INCI Name : Lithospermum Erythrorhizon Root Oil

APPEARANCE: Blueish purple liquid 

Usage rate: 1-100%

Solubility: Oil

Storage: can be stored at room temperature But close the lid of the bottle tightly. and protected from sunlight or heat, the product has a shelf life of at least 2 years

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