Hair growth Complex Oil

Hair growth Complex Oil

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It is immensely rich in sulphur. This property makes it important in hair, blood circulation is stimulated which restores the scalp of its nutrients. This helps enhance hair growth, the lost strength and luster of the hair.
It is also very high in Quercetin which is an exceptional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. This unique plant nutrient works as a protecting agent and shields our hair from the harmful radicals and pollutants present in the environment, preventing premature greying.

It promotes hair growth by increasing insulin-like growth factor-I production in humans with alopecia. This helps prevent or slow down balding symptoms.
It also contains an active agent which has a cationic effect on hair. In  studies comparing hair treatments made with Behenic acid and those made with traditional cationic materials and concluded that 3% Behenic acid was similar to traditional methods of conditioning the hair.

The significant presence of behenic acid makes it effective in hair conditioning, improving its combatility and softness. It is able to maintain an equivalent performance in the spreading, rinsing and shine attributes of this product.

INCI: Behenic acid, Capsicum extract, Garlic acid extract, Eucalyptus extract, Rose extract, Neem extract, Castor Oil.
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