Gamma Bright

Gamma Bright

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DESCRIPTION: Gamma bright is a super active skin lighter in the class of hydroquinone and tranexamic acid.
“It has two similar modes of disruption in hyperpigmentation of the skin. It's mechanism of action is to decrease melanin production, and interfere with pigment transfer from the melanocyte to skin cell (keratinocyte). It's a unique product because of its non-toxic nature unlike hydroquinone.


It is a super whitener which causes decreases in vitro melanin level produced by melanocytes in a dose dependent manner, with an IC50 lower than kojic acid or arbutin, and without any cytotoxicity even at a dose 300 times higher than this IC50. This product is known to reduce the melanin released by melanocytes without accumulation of melanin in the cells which occurs with some hazardous. skin whitners. As well as reducing melanogenesis, it exhibits a photoprotective and anti-inflammatory effect on epidermal keratinocytes helping to prevent skin damages caused by UVB irradiation. In some stidues In vivo, the visible and measurable effects on skin were assessed by 3 clinical studies on Caucasian and Asian volunteers, after application on the hands, face and forearms, vs placebo and/or kojic Acid. From 14 to 56 days of application, it reduced the appearance of age spots and increased the evenness of the complexion.
USE RATE: 1 percent 

PH 3.5-7
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