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DESCRIPTION: D-Panthenol is a multi-functional active ingredient in skincare and haircare formulations.  is valued in both skin and hair care for its moisturizing properties. It has skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits, which is essential in formulations for sensitive skin and irritated skin. D-Panthenol gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance. D-Panthenol is converted to Pantothenic acid within the skin, and assists in the maintenance and repair of all cells. It also synthesis fatty acids and sphingolipids, which is essential for stratum corneum lipid layers and cell membrane integrity & fluidity. As a humectant in hair care formulations, it strengthens the hair against the damaging effects of combing and pulling and deeply penetrates for much-needed moisture. D-Panthenol volumizes the hair, anti-static increases suppleness, and sheen. Its texture improving properties makes it especially beneficial for physically and chemically damaged hair.


  • Repairs and strengthens damaged hair reduces split ends 
  • Thickens hair and increases strength.
  • Humectant
  • Anti-Inflammatory - stimulates wound healing (Works synergistically with zinc oxide.
  • Anti-Inflammatory - in sensitive skin, it reduces dryness, roughness, redness, itching.
  • Increases the sun protection factor of the skin
  • Builds and repairs the skin barrier
  • Reduces irritation caused by surfactants like SLS
  • Accelerates cell turnover
  • Anti-ageing effects
  • Synergistics benefits with Niacinamide
  • Can penetrate and Hydrate the skin, hair and nails
  • Protects lips against UV-induced herpes
  • Reinforces nails

* What is the difference between the D-Panthenol and DL-Panthenol? D-Panthenol has a moisturizing effect on the skin. It also is converted into pantothenate in the skin with further benefits. DL-Panthenol is a lit racemic mixture of D-Panthenol and L-Panthenol at a ratio of 50:50 -  which means that DL Panthenol has 50% D-Panthenol and 50% L-Panthenol. For the characteristics of moisturization and improvement of hair structure and sheen, DL-Panthenol has the same activity as D-Panthenol. DL-Panthenol is preferred in hair formulations for two reasons; 1). It is more economical, and 2). The hair is dead and therefore, cannot make any conversion of D-Panthenol.

APPLICATIONS: Ideal for use in skincare creams, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners. Formulations geared toward wound healing, moisturization for dry skin, barrier building, hair damage repair, anti-ageing, etc


INCI: Panthenol

ASSAY: 98%

CAS: 81-13-0 / 16485-10-2

SOLUBILITY: Water (cool down phase)

USE RATE: 0.5 ~ 5.0 (0.5-5 in skincare, 0.75–1% for shampoos and conditioners, 0.5–0.75% for hair styling products. 1% for nail care).

APPEARANCE & FORM: Clear, colourless to slightly yellow, viscous liquid. 


STORAGE: Store in a cool dark and dry place. May crystalize on prolonged storage.

This is a cosmetic raw material and is meant for external use only in cosmetic formulations.  As with all of our materials, it should not be taken internally. 


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