Broccoli Seed Oil

Broccoli Seed Oil

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INCI Olersacea Brassica

Broccoli is part of the cabbage family and popularly   Olersacea Brassica. Broccoli seed oil is extracted from the seeds by a cold press with no additional solvents or chemicals making this a natural oil that has high anti-ageing benefits.It is enriched with a number of nutrients such as a high dose of vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin K which are all very beneficial for your skin.


Broccoli is a key anti-ageing natural agents in  the Cosmetic industry enriched with antioxidants, range of essential fatty acids and vitamins within the seeds. These all have individual benefits for your skin:

The fatty acid content hydrates and locks in the moisture to create a deep, long lasting penetration of moisture within skin and hair tissue. The oil helps to create a protective layer of the skin that traps the moisture without clogging up your pores, making it especially good for dry skin.

Broccoli seed oil is also embedded with another fatty acid known as arachidonic acid. This is another specific fatty acid that acts as a cooling, calming and soothing agent. It's beneficial for eczema, rashes or any other inflamed skin issues. It is known for its specific anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. This makes it good as anti aging product which helps maintain our youthful glow.

Broccoli seed oil contains linoleic acid which promote ceramics production. Ceramides regulate skin cells and also protects the skin by retaining mositure and makes the skin plump.

It's also loaded with Vitamin A which is one of the key vitamins in the skin care industry. Vitamin A acts as a natural exfoliator whilst also promoting healthy skin cell production. There is also Vitamin C and vitamin K while Vitamin C helps increase collagen production which is responsible for your skins elasticity and strength and therefore slows down the process of wrinkles and ageing. Vitamin K helps with the bodies ability to blood clot and heal wounds as well as working externally on wrinkles or stretch marks.

Broccoli seed oil may protect the skin from UV radiation and sunburns and therefore possibly help prevent skin cancer. Broccoli seed oil contains sulforaphane, an organic sulfur compound found in cruciferous vegetables. A scientific study published in 2007 revealed that in both animals and human subjects, sulforaphane up-regulated enzymes that protect skin against damage by UV radiation. 

The high content of erucic fatty acid in broccoli seed oil when used for hair care can imitates silicones in hair products. Broccoli seed oil leaves a light film around the hair strand that imparts the hair with shine and lustre and prevents hair breakage.

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