Bioactive Resorcinol

Bioactive Resorcinol

Bioactive Resorcinol

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DESCRIPTIONBioactive Resorcinol is more stabilized form of butyl resorcinol complexed with a high-performance vehicle for improved performance, and storage and formulation stability. Compared to 4-butyl resorcinol, Bioactive Resorcinol can be stored with reduced sensitivity to light which causes 4-butyl resorcinol to degrade very quickly. It is more resistant to changes in formulations, and it has superior penetration into the skin and a longer lifespan within the skin. It also helps potentiate other actives that may be included in your skin-lightening formulation.

It is a powerful and safe whitening and skin-lightening agent. It has been compared with Hydroquinone, kojic acid, arbutin, and other forbidden toxic ingredients and showed superior efficacy with tyrosinase inhibition

4-Butylresorsinol (4-BR) is a strong tyrosinase and peroxidase inhibitor. 4-BR works very well against hyperpigmentation including more complex pigmentation such as melasma. In more recent studies, 4-BR has proved effective in even rinse off products – 4-Butylresorcinol was added to both liquid and solid soap formulations and showed significant lightening effects after only a few weeks of treatment. 4-BR also has strong efficacy against oxygen-induced DNA damage – working both to promote a brighter and more even skin tone as well as skin ageing.


  • Superior skin lightening activity
  • Safe and effective
  • Irritation reduction
  • Faster-acting compared to 4-Butyl Resorcinol
  • Fast absorption
  • May decrease emulsion thickness slightly. Adjust consistency factors accordingly
  • Improved UV-protection.

APPLICATIONS: Can be used in creams, chemical peeling, cleansers, soaps, anhydrous formulations, lightening and whitening skin treatments, crème cleansers, etc.

This is a cosmetic raw material and is meant for external use only in cosmetic formulations.  As with all of our materials, it should not be taken internally. Tidesmark  is not responsible for product compatibility. We advise everyone to test ingredients for performance, compatibility and safety prior to committing to larger quantities. Keep all products out of reach of children. For more information, please see our terms and conditions page

INCI: 4-Butylresorcinol & Dimethyl Isosorbide 

Appearance: Amber-coloured oily liquid

Packaging: Comes in an amber, glass bottle. Keep in original container

Use Rate: 1.5 – 7.5 (up to 10.0%)

Solubility: Oil soluble - Add to final phase of emulsion or anhydrous products


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