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INCI: Bakuchiol

CAS# 10309-37-2

This is a natural and safe alternative to retinol (Vitamin A), 100% plant-based extract of the Babchi plant. It imparts the benefits of retinol but without the safety concerns which Retinol has. One of its great advantages is its photostability which makes it suitable for day applications.

Bakuchiol is an active ingredient derived from Psoralea corylifolia (babchi seeds) and is different from the whole oil which is also available on the market as bakuchi (or babchi) oil.

This is a lipophilic ingredient with a yellow to brown color

Bakuchiol is known to enhance the skin's natural defense mechanism against oxidative stress. It also diminishes inflammatory factors that disrupt the skin's natural protective mechanisms and helps improve collagen synthesis. It's also quite important in helping the skin activate anti-aging genes.
Application dosage: 3-30 percent 
pH of the finished product should be <6,5
Avoid contact with iron and copper (clays) (The addition of a chelating agent, such as EDTA, is recommended).
Add during the cool-down phase 
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