Aspergillus ferment extract

Aspergillus ferment extract

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DESCRIPTION: Aspergillus ferment is one of the novel skin lightening actives believed to inhibit the body’s tyrosinase activity, and over time reduce the skin’s melanin (discoloration) production and fade the appearance of hyper-pigmented spots. It is regard it as a more powerful and stable form of Kojic acid. The argument for it's potency is its increased penetration ability which from the fact that fermentation breaks down ingredients into smaller parts. A study verifies that fermented broth can be applied in reducing melanogenesis. Active ingredient levels of fermented broth are increased compared to unfermented broths. There are lots of fermented broths still needed to be tested as melanogenesis inhibitors. In general, optimized fermented broth culture is promising for the development of novel skin whitening ingredients.


For the most part, you can find Aspergillus ferment as an ingredient in skin care products targeted at lightening the skin, such as serums, fade gels, masks and creams/lotions

USE RATE:1-5 percent

SOLUBILITY: Water soluble

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