AGH/ Alpha Glycosyl Hesperidin

AGH/ Alpha Glycosyl Hesperidin

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DESCRIPTION: AGH is composed of glucose and hesperidin. Hesperidin is a bioflavonoid found in various citrus fruits. The glucose and hesperidin are bound together using an advanced technology results in dramatically improved solubility while retaining all of the natural biologic functions of the product. This product has tremendous ability in terms of skin regeneration and make up.

A range of skin problems arise due to poor blood circulation. These include dark circles under the eye, dull skin, dark skin and puffy or red skin ( erythema).

Lack of blood circulation in skin tissue may be due to stress, hormonal imabalance, aging, or mobility. This product is scientificically proven to improve overall skin outlook.

Benefits include

1. Due to hesperidins poor soluble it is difficult to use in beauty and cosmetic products. Alpha glucosyl hesperidin from is a highly soluble form of hesperidin, making it possible for the first time to utilize the benefits of hesperidin in many cosmetics products

2. Increased cell turnover

3. This product has been used for centuries in Japan. It is now understood that hesperidin, which belongs to a class of natural substances known as bioflavonoids, is an active component of citrus peel and is responsible for the body warming sensation by stimulating circulation to the skin

3. It's an effective skin lightening agent

4. Many skin problems, such as dark circles under the eyes, dull skin, dark skin and puffy skin, can be due to poor circulation to the skin. This product helps to eliminate these problems

4. It helps in wrinkle removal

5. Improved skin DNA

Use rate is 1 percent

INCI Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin

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