Adenosine Pure

Adenosine Pure

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DESCRIPTION: Adenosine Pure, is a nucleotide - an energy-carrying molecule that is directly involved in so many intracellular processes such as cell signalling, and enzyme activity, and is a building block of DNA. When dermal levels of Adenosine decline as the skin ages, it affects the youthful appearance of the skin. When Adenosine is well represented, the skin enjoys such benefits as a more robust skin function, skin-moisturizing, anti-aging protection, and soothing properties. Adenosine helps rejuvenate the skin for a youthful and healthier appearance.

Pairs well with D-ribose - D-Ribose regenerates Adenosine levels. Adenosine is formed by the hydrolysis of yeast nucleic acids.

Adenosine Pure is an anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, antibacterial- and anti-inflammation agent. It inhibits collagenase genetic expression, shrinks pores, removes wrinkles, and slows down skin ageing. It interferes with the synthesis of virus nucleic acid and has an antibacterial and anti-inflammation function. Used in anti-ageing-, antibacterial- and anti-acne products. Adenosine is like energy for the skin to be able to continuously and effectively repair itself


Adenosine Pure: Can be formulated at a wider pH range (3.5 - 6.5). Practically water insoluble - dispersible in the final formula. Low use rate (0.1 - 1.0%).

Adenosine Triphosphate: Has a narrow formulating pH range (6.8 - 7.4). Water soluble. Higher use rate (1.0 - 5.0%)


  • Anti-Ageing
  • Antiwrinkle
  • Moisturizing for a more youthful and supple appearance
  • Radiance
  • Rejuvenation
  • Skin-soothing
  • Smoothening

APPLICATIONS: Anti-Aging, Rejuvenating and Restoring products, Moisturization, Skin-Soothing, Smoothening, serums, gels, lotions, creams, ampoules, etc.

INCI: Adenosine 

Solubility: Practically water insoluble. Dispersed in the final formulation.

Use rate: 0.1- 1.0% (Recommended: 0.5%)

pH Stability: 3.5 - 6.5

Temperature Sensitivity: Avoid heat above 40°C

Appearance: White to off-white powder

Storage: Store in a cool, dark, and dry place. Refrigerate for long storage.



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