Co Enzyme Q10 Oil

Co Enzyme Q10 Oil

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DESCRIPTION: Co-enzyme Q10 s on of the most powerful anti-oxidants available in skincare. It is very effective in inhibiting the chain damage caused by free radicals. It is very essential to photo-damage prevention as it prevents DNA mutations, collagen synthesis, pigmentation, inflammation ands helps repair and healed damaged skin due to photoageing.
CO-Enzyme Q10 is a natural anti-oxidant the body produces for itself. However, the synthesis of CoQ10 reduces as the body ages, thus it becomes essential to supplement it topically. It is an oil soluble vitamin that is quickly absorbed by the body. Within the skin, it fights free radicles, reduces wrinkle and accelerates cell regeneration and growth.

• Anti-ageing
• Wound healing support
• Prevents excessive pigmentation
• Lightening and brightening
• Reduces fine-lines and wrinkles
• Sun-damage repairs and protection
• Powerful anti-oxidant ability
• Oil soluble for quick absorption
• Boosts skin’s elasticity
• Boost collagen production
• Prevents and care for sun damage in skin
• Helps increase cellular energy
• CoQ10 need s light-protective packaging to keep it stable and effective
APPLICATIONS: For facial and body, in creams, lotions, serums, lip balms, etc Preparations geared towards anti-ageing and rejuvenation.
INCI: Ubiquinone & Ricinus Communis (seed) oil
Solubility: Oil, propanediol
Use rate: 0.1 – 5.0% (Up to 10%)
pH Stability: 3.5 – 6.5
Temperature Stability: Avoid extended heating above 60°C
Appearance: Yellowish, oily liquid
Storage: Refrigerate on long storage. Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Can precipitate on standing – gently heat if it occurs)
A powerful anti-ageing antioxidant with lightening, brightening, collagen stimulating, skin care repair and rejuvenating properties
INGREDIENTS: CoQ10, Deoxyarbutin, Hydropinachalcone Retinoid, Bakuchiol, Hexyl Resorcinol, Decyl Oleate, Coco caprylate caprate, Isoamyl Laurate, Argan oil Bearberry CO2extract, Vitamin E,

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