Deoxyarbutin 98 percent ( Oil soluble)

Deoxyarbutin 98 percent ( Oil soluble)

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DESCRIPTION: Deoxyarbutin is an oil-soluble derivative of arbutin with the same tyrosinase inhibition mechanism but more effective. It is a very potent tyrosinase inhibitor – more effective than arbutin, and very quickly penetrates the skin. For skin lightenng effects, deoxyarbutin is 350 times more effective than arbutin and 150 times more effective that kojic acid according to a research. It is safer, more stable and less cytotoxic and less irritating compared to the aforenamed actives.
It is used as a skin lightening and deigmenting ingredient. It diminishes dark spots and clear up the complexion quickly with a longer-lasting effect.
Deoxyarbutin is also an anti-oxidant making it a good ingredients for anti-ageing treatments.
Deoxyarbutin is a very delicate material which is easily oxidized (Water increases the decomposition of Deoxyarbutin water based formulations. In order to prevent the oxidation of Deoxyarbutin and keep the formula effective, the use of anti-oxidant agent is highly recommended. Anti-oxidant: Active-Shield atm 0.01-1.0 % is helpful. For much higher stability, choose silicone or oil-based, anhydrous system for a relatively stable surrounding that delays its degradation.
• Depigmenting
• Skin lightening
• Anti-ageing


INCI: Tetrahydropyranyloxy Phenol.
Solubility: Oil-soluble and in glycols.
Use rate: 1.0 – 2.0%
pH Stability: 5.0 – 5.8%
Temperature Stability: Avoid extended heating above 60°C.
Appearance: Off-white/beige powder
MW: 194.23
Storage: Refrigerate on long storage. Store in a cool, dark and dry place.
Deoxyarbutin demonstrates rapid and sustained skin lightening – much more effective than arbuti

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