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DESCRIPTION: Phloretin is a polyphenol present in the peel and root bark of succulent fruits such as apples and pears, and in various vegetable juices.
It is a potent antioxidant and skin lightener comparable to ionic acid and arbutin. A clinical study found that the inhibition rate of 0.3% Phloretin on tyrosinase is as high as 98.2%, superior to the common lighteners agents (kojic acid and arbutin). Phloretin, when used as a co-lightening agent also greatly improves their inhibition rate of tyrosine inhibitors. It neutralizes damaging free radicals, helps improve cell turnover, and improves the appearance of discolouration, and promotes a brighter and even skin tone., with increased environmental protection. In Skin lightening preparations, use with other lighteners for improved performance.

Phloretin is also useful in the treatment of acne, with soothing and moisturizing benefits. Phloretin has an enviable safety and efficacy profile balance and is completely natural.

• Inhibit tyrosinase activity
• Potent Antioxidant action
• Enhance skin permeability
• Potent Skin Lightener
• Moisturizing Agents
• Soothing Agents
• Anti-Acne

APPLICATIONS: Rejuvenation, skin lightening, anti-ageing, dark spot removal, brightening, and anti-acne formulations. In creams, serums, lotions, gels, hand creams, etc

INCI: Phloretin
APPEARANCE & FORM: Off-white - slightly yellow free-flowing powder.
SOLUBILITY: Water Insoluble. Soluble in glycols (Propylene glycol, Butylene glycol, etc and alcohols.
USE RATE: 0.3-2%
SHELF LIFE: 24 months
ASSAY: 98%
STORAGE: Keep in a cool, dark and dry place.

This is a cosmetic raw material and is meant for external use only in cosmetic formulations.  As with all of our materials, it should not be taken internally.

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