Vitamin D3 Oil

Vitamin D3 Oil

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Vitamin D3 is one of the key vitamins used in the skin care industry. Vitamin D is a group of entities such as Vitamin D1, D2, D3. It is also known as a hormone that's produced when the skin comes in contact with sunlight. Vitamin D3 is a superior active of Vitamin D3 with a much higher International unit ratio.


1. Essential in treating those with post hyper pigmentation that results from the use harsh chemicals and creams containing hydroquinone and a number of other agents.

2. Strengthens the skins immune function in those with hyper pigmentation from UV light exposure.

3. Reduces the risk of skin cancer.

4. Reduces acne and it known as a potent anti aging vitamin necessary for the treatment of hyper pigmentation ( photo aging).

5. Blotching which is a side effect of excessive exposure to sunlight and also results from the use of harsh chemicals used for skin lightening.

6. Speeds up the healing process from skin damaged in bleaching

7. Increases skin elasticity

8. Reduces age spots and darks spots on the skin. 

9. Some of the reasons why Vitamin D3 is superior to Vitamin C are it's anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, proliferative, and skin repairing properties, but it's cell proliferative and skin-repairing properties are what make it stand out. There are few products that match Vitamin D3 in this regard. It's cell regenerating skin cells and repair damage; essentially upping the skin’s resilience, strengthening its barrier, and evening out tone and texture are what makes this product stand apart . “It is absolutely one of the standout ingredients in the skin care industry yet its still quite new to a host of formulators. It help improve and preserve the integrity of the skin especially for those who have sensitive, irritated, or compromised skin (maybe from an overzealous application of benzoyl peroxide, retinol, or steroids.) It is less sensitive than some of properties of vitamin C which makes it milder on the skin.

Now available in 1000000 IU/g 

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