L- Carnitine

L- Carnitine

L- Carnitine

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L'Carnitine is a multi purpose active cosmetic agent that has its benefits in diverse applications ranging from stretch marks to hair growth, to skin softness and hydration and exfoliation. etc.

Increases Skin Cell Turnover

L-Carnitine is a lower-pH beta hydroxy acid, therefore it give exfoliating properties to the skin - increasing skin cell exfoliation. For better results, it can be combined with other AHA's like Lactic and glyclic acid. 

Restorative Properties

L-Carnitine, made its debut in cosmetics as an agent for skin contouring and in the treatment of cellulite. In more recent developments, it is applied in cosmetics to treat skin conditions like wrinkles and sunburn peeling and in the removal of chicken pox scarring. L-Carnitine, is also used in cosmetic products reconstructing breakage of weft protein of the dermis - the skin condition otherwise known as Stretchmarks

Hydrating and Moisturizing Properties

L-Carnitine is hygroscopic, so even small amounts are able to hydrate the skin, smoothen and soften it. A test conducted on human skin with L-Carnitine showed increased skin hydration greater than 25%.

Hair Growth

In a recent study, researchers found that hair follicles treated with L-Carnitine showed significant hair growth. The treatment also slowed follicle cell death (apoptosis) and it improved follicle cell growth (proliferation). It also improved local cell growth proteins in the outer root sheath.

Typical usage rate: 1-5% 
Appearance: White crystalline powder 
pH: 6.5 - 8.5
Solubility: Freely soluble in water (2.5g/ml water @ 20°C/68°F)
Country of Origin: USA

INCI: L-Carnitine.

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