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Konjac Gum Powder

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  • Size: 50g
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Konjac is also known as konjak, konjaku, konnyaku potato, voodoo lily, snake palm or elephant yam. It’s grown in many Asian countries, including China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan, as well as southeast Asia.

Konjac Gum, is popular natural gum isolated from the corm of konjac plant. Konjac gum, also known as konjac glucomannan, is widely used as a gelling agent in food and cosmetic production.

Konjac powder is used as a substitute for synthetic gums like carbomer. Can be used to create your natural gel products and added to lotions to increase stability and contribute to texture.


  • It is comprised of a high viscosity soluble fiber called glucomannan, which can expand to 100 times its volume in water making it an extremely effective humectant in cosmetic formulations. Konjac is rich in protein, lipids, fatty acids, and vitamins A, B, C, D, & E.It is packed with natural minerals such as copper, zinc and magnesium. With this powerful combination of natural ingredients and gentle thickening ability,
  • Konjac Gum Powder in the skin care field is an all natural plant-based ingredient alternative to synthetic polymers, such as Carbomer.  Konjac Powder is ideal for creating a variety of bath, body, skin and hair care products that require gelling/texturizing effects similar to those provided by synthetic polymers. It stands out most due to its pleasing soft feel without tackiness of Xanthum gum while providing a viable alternative to Synthetic gelling agents.
  • Konjac Root Powder is a pale beige color, similar to Xanthan Gum, and forms a semi clear gel when used at 1%.

Formulating Guidelines

  • Inci: Amorphophallus Konjac Root Powder
  • Use rate: 0.5-3%. At percentages less than 0.5% if thickens, but does not gel.
  • Solubility: Hydrate in gently heated water.


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