Organic Jasmine flowers

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  • Size: 50g


Other Names- Maid of Orleans, Belle of India, Grand Duke of Tuscany, Mogra in Hindi, Gundu malligai poo in Tamil and Mallige in Kannada

This aromatic flower lives up to its name that can translate to ‘A Gift From God’ with its plethora of medicinal and decorational uses. Using this flower to cure ailments is nothing new. In earlier centuries, Egyptians and Greeks used this as aromatherapy, an aphrodisiac as well as a stimulant. In ancient times it was utilised as a  paste for healing sores and scars.


Crushed jasmine flowers or jasmine oil, when used along with petroleum jelly or coconut oil, helps to ease stretch marks and scars. It also tones and soothes dry skin and retains the skin’s elasticity.

It acts as a natural skin moisturiser.

Aromatic Jasmine serves as an easy and perfect natural hair conditioner as well.

It strengthens your hair roots, makes hair tensile and prevents it from turning brittle. This also that your hair strands are strong and grow thick and long. Fresh extract of jasmine infused with coconut hair oil also gives you longer, fuller hair.


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