Magnesium Stearate

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Description: Ester of magnesium & stearic acid (magnesium is a naturally occurring metal, stearic acid is derived from vegetable oil). Fine white soapy powder, faint odor of fatty acid. Soluble in warm alcohol, miscible in oils, insoluble in water.

Magnesium stearate has natural lubricant properties, something very important to the quality in how creams are produced. This is especially true for complex formulas with multiple ingredients which have inherently different chemistry properties.

Properties: Widely used texturizer, opacifier, and non-gelling thickener for a variety of personal care products and color cosmetics. Also used as film-forming and anti-caking agent and lubricating agent for enhanced slip and silkiness. Has mild emulsifying properties.


Magnesium Stearate is a magnesium salt of distilled, hydrogenated fatty acids. This powder is used as tableting lubricants for vitamin and medicinal pills. It may also be used to provide slip properties to cosmetics powders and to provide pearlescence to cream shampoos.

This product is used as heat stabilizer for cosmetics flour, soothing ointment. 

Applications: Makeup products (e.g. foundations, face powders, lipsticks, mascara, eye shadows, etc.), creams, lotions, pomades, ointments, cream shampoos.


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