Lye – Potassium Hydroxide flakes

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Highly alkaline ingredient (also known as lye) used in small amounts in cosmetics to modulate the pH of a product. It’s also used as a cleansing agent in soap saponification. In higher concentrations, it’s a significant skin irritant.

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Potasium Hydroxide, also known as caustic potash, lye,  is a caustic compound which attacks organic matter. ( caustic potash is potassium hydroxide) Caustic potash is very soluble in water, alcohol, and glycerin and absorbs carbon dioxide and moisture from the air. Potassium Hydroxide is widely used in soft soap products because of its softness and high levels of solubility; soaps comprised of potassium require less water to liquefy, and can therefore containing higher concentrations of cleaning agents than other liquid soaps that are not potassium-based (Wikipedia).

For Soap Making. Potassium Hydroxide, or Lye, is the chemical that induces saponification with fats and oils to create that magnificent thing called soap! Potassium Hydroxide – Lye is for creating liquid soap. If you want to make solid soap bars see Sodium Hydroxide. Potassium Hydroxide is used in the cosmetic and skin care industry as a pH adjuster or bufferer in a wide variety of formulas, including bath products, cleansing products, fragrances, foot powders, hair dyes and colors, makeup, nail products, shampoos, shaving products, depilatories, skin care products, and suntan products, according to

Please be sure to educate yourself on the safety precautions and proper handling of Lye before using this ingredient.

By purchasing this product you agree to the following: I fully understand that the material I am purchasing is considered Hazardous and could cause bodily harm. I agree to only use this product for soap making and will not resell the material or use it for any other purpose but soap making. I acknowledge that I have the knowledge and expertise needed to safely use this material I assume all responsibility for its safe use and proper storage of this product.



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