Anti Acne Healing Ubtan

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Hadassah’s Yard Anti Acne Healing Ubtan is part of the Anti Acne Healing Ancient Therapy; a synergistic combination of ancient remedies and processes for beautiful and healthy skin. To purchase the set please click on Anti Acne & Healing Ancient Therapy

The Anti Acne Healing Ubtan blend comprises of herb powders, seed powders and clays. These powders can be mix with water, applied on the face as a mask and sloughed off as a micro-buff. This ubtan includes a number of ingredients (Hyssop powder, neem powder, chamomile, etc), but especially honeysuckle and green tea (Honeysuckle added to green tea is popular in Chinese cultures to help with skin eruptions). The cocktail of herbs is combined to

  • heal wounds,
  • prevent acne
  • Combat acne causing bacteria
  • nourish and rejuvenate skin,
  • fight harmful oxidants,
  • detoxify the skin,
  • help clear acne scars,
  • unclog pores
  • Smoothen the surface of the skin, and to
  • facilitate healthy and beautiful skin.

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