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Helichrysum Essential Oil

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There are over 600 species of Helichrysum. However, the most common Helichrysum essential oil is Helichrysum italicum. It’s native to the Mediterranean area and Asia, and it’s harvested mostly in Italy, the Balkans, Spain and France. The name “helichrysum” originates from the Greek word “helios,” which means sun, and “chrysos,” which means gold, referring to the flower’s color. Helichrysum belongs to sunflower (asteraceae) family; hence the resemblance.

Helichrysum oil is also known by other names such as “immortelle” and “everlasting.” It is considered to be a very expensive and scarcely available essential oil The shelf life of Helichrysum oil compensates for its costly price as it can be stored for a very long time. The essential oil has a distinct and intense scent. It has a rich, fruit-like odor with honey undertones. The color ranges from yellow to red with a watery viscosity.

Compostion – Helichrysum essential oil is made up of 21.7 percent Pinene, 10.4 percent Curcumene and 8 percent Italidiones.


Helichrysum is great for those with oily skin. In addition to this, it’s one of the few essential oils that contain “diketones,” which can help reduce the appearance of age spots and discoloration.

Helichrysum is touted as the perfect addition to skin care formulations for those with sensitive skin. It’s so gentle that it’s even recommended for children — in fact, it’s often compared to chamomile because of these properties.

One of the most recent discoveries with this essential oil, however, is its anti-aging properties. It’s perfect for helping to make skin look more firm, youthful, and vibrant. It can be applied to the face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to promote a glowing, youthful complexion.

Its used in the treatment of Cellulite and Varicose veins.


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