3 Important Aspects of Skin Care

Three Important Aspects of any Skincare Regime

Every now and then, an exotic trend emerges promising to be the next best thing for your skin. While they might have some good benefits to their credit, these three important aspect of skincare will always remain true.


Feed the Skin

In a scenario where the skin is given all it needs to function adequately and be beautiful, it will respond favorably. I wish I could tell you that some external product has the ability to solve all your skin’s nourishment and beauty needs, but that is never the case; The state of our skin is more times than not a reflection of the internal state of our body. Things such as hormone, diet, lifestyle, allergic sensitivity, genetics, deficiencies and illness, etc., all affect the final state of our skin. Therefore, we need to nourish our skin not just from without but from within.


“Why does my skin get darker when I am on a lightening regime?” These are some of the experiences that are a result of limited understanding of how harmful UV rays are.  (Regardless of if you’re on a lightening regime, whether you’re trying to maintain your skin’s complexion or on no regime at all, sun protection should be a must!) Lightening treatments make our skin more vulnerable than usual – our skin becomes more sensitive to the rays of the sun, and therefore, are more easily darkened… A sunscreen/sunblock with an SPF between 30% – 50% will be ideal in an environment like Lagos.


The skin naturally sheds itself between 4 to 6 weeks, to reveal younger skin. Exfoliation supports and enhances this process. You should not use a formulation that will disrupt this process, bypass it or strip the upper layer of your skin at all. Toxic chemicals and harsh formulations do this and cause more damage than good in the long run; stripping the upper layer of the skin completely and compromising the integrity of it – rendering the skin ultra-sensitive, disease prone and damaged. Choose wisely what formulations you put on your skin.

With these three important aspects of skin care you can build a skincare regime that will serve you much longer that the course of the next best trend.

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